TechAdvance™ Technology Assessment Tool

TechAdvance™ Concept

Assessment of research projects (Assessing)

TechAdvance™ assesses research and technology using a simple model with three-axis: Market Attractiveness, Technology Potential and People. Technology and research projects can be assessed against 43 researched criteria. The assessment ensures that the most important criteria for commercialising research and technology are recognised in the scoring using a weighting system.

Portfolio management & prioritisation (Structuring)

Following the assessment, the score from each criterion is added together to give an overall score providing an assessment of the project’s potential. A structure is supplied for the prioritisation of resources allocated to projects according to their score. The method therefore presents valuable information for decision-making about the technology potential of a project or a portfolio of projects.

Identification of unforeseen project issues (Risk Management)

The assessment criteria provide a valuable checklist of considerations to prevent unforeseen issues exposing risk in the commercialisation process.

A guide to develop the ‘ideal’ commercialisation project’ (Developing)

The method is built into a stage-gate process to make the assessment more practical and usable within your organisation. The method ‘red-flags’ potential project issues and areas for project improvement in order to improve the likely commercialisation success of the project.




TechAdvance™ received TAKE IT UP award


The TechAdvance™ Handbook is a paper-based handbook designed to allow the assessment of research and technology projects.


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