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Todd Davey | Victoria Galan Muros
Innovative Futures Institute
Calle Corazones 4 18001 Granada, Spain

Todd Davey, TechAdvance™ Project Manager

TechAdvance™, Online Creators
Todd Davey
Thorsten Kliewe
Arno Meerman

TechAdvance™, Researchers
Prof. Dr. Thomas Baaken
Todd Davey
Stefanie Gosejohann

Involved Partners
Project Leader: Münster University of Applied Sciences (MUAS)
Project Partners: Marta Ysern - Fundacio Barcelona Media Universitat Pompeu Fabra (BM), Cinzia Giachetti, Susanna Chericoni, Federica Mallogi- Consorzio Pisa Ricerche SCARL (CPR)

Project Contributors
Jacques Evrard, Mustafeen Nayani -Agence Bruxelloise pour l’Entreprise (BEA), Bao Diep Tuong, Franck Le Guerhier - INRA Transfert (IT), Rodolphe Uhlmann, Mathioda Coatanhay - Méditerranée Technologies (MT)

Valuable Assistance
Many thanks to the following people for their most valued input: Tobias Kesting, Volker Hölscher, Katja Rudnik, Münster University of Applied Sciences, Germany; Carsten Schröder, Stefan Adam and the team at Transferagentur, Münster University of Applied Sciences, Germany; Louise Heslop, Carleton University, Canada; Carolin Plewa, The University of Adelaide, Australia; Friederike von Hagen & Felix Baaken, Germany; Anthony Francis, Flinders Partners, Australia, Vera Schölmerich, Netherlands.




TechAdvance™ received TAKE IT UP award


The TechAdvance™ Handbook is a paper-based handbook designed to allow the assessment of research and technology projects.


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